Lagniappe Specialty Meats
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Our Specialty Meats

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Savory Acadiana Inspired Dishes

If you love the taste of the south, then we know you will love our Cajun-inspired meats! We artfully prepare our meat with the very best in seasonings and spices that is unique to Acadiana cuisines. Every selection is prepared for you to take home and enjoy!

Our Cajun Meats

Take a moment to browse through our selection of tender meats, seasonings and house specialties! To view more options, please visit our pricing page.

Quality Cuts Of Meat

Our expert chefs hand-select premium cuts of meat to guarantee delicious results. They carefully inspect and prepare tender cuts of steaks, savory sausages, home-raised chickens and more.

Cajun Seasonings

We season every dish with the best of Cajun seasonings with many signature flavors like Cayenne pepper, garlic and a few other special ingredients we've learned through the years!


In addition to our Cajun flavored meats, we also devise savory ready-made cuisines you only need to pop in the oven! Some of our classic creations include turducken, gumbo soup, stuffed shrimp and so much more!

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