Lagniappe Specialty Meats
4012 Jefferson Ave Texarkana, Arkansas 71854
(870) 779-0368

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Latest reviews for Lagniappe Specialty Meats 5/5.0 stars (48 reviews)

Everything is delicious. Perfect for feeding a crowd without all of the work.
We stopped in on our way back to Iowa. We were greeted with a smile, very helpful and respectful workers. I bought gater and gater sausage. All I can say is WOW, the gator sausage was delicious! I have not yet tried the fillets, but I am very excited to do so! I will be putting in an order soon! Love this place
I am from southwest La. and believe me, THIS is true southwest Louisiana cuisine come-to-Texas!!! Everything on their menu is fantastic!
Love the steaks and boudin. I bought the steaks for my parents. They couldn't get over how tender the steaks were. I had to buy some Cajun seasoning because it is so good!
Had several meals and all were great! Not only that, but my office is across the street from Sonic. All of our employees have agreed!!! I have a full family practice and I accept 16 insurance companies!!!
I have family that lives in Louisiana. I heard about your store when I visited last year and I stopped in and I was not disappointed! Being a chef by trade I really enjoyed all the products you offer. From the Boudin balls, Cajun seasoning, Chicory coffee and my favorite... Tasso Ham!! Excellent all the way around!!
Boudin and gater sausage was great
I am a born and raised Cajun Girl from The Boudin Capital in Scott, Louisiana that has made and eaten many pounds of Boudin over her lifetime. The Boudin at Lagniappe is over the top!! It is very well seasoned. The proportion of rice to meat and liver is perfect. Everything they sell is the real Cajun deal!! You have got to go try their specialty foods!!
Everything is always amazing! But please post how to cook at home instructions!!!!!
I live 200 miles away but when I’m in the area I go home with a cooler full of meat.the best rib eyes I have ever had. Everything I have tried is great.
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