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Latest reviews for Lagniappe Specialty Meats 5/5.0 stars (45 reviews)

last night I cooked the stuffed pork tenderloin, twice backed potato and stuffed mushrooms. OUT OF THIS WORLD. so easy to cook. I can't wait to try some more of their food.
called for a fresh hand trimmed Brisket, Perfect so tender, no seasoning just meat the most tender brisket i have every cooked all 5 pounds we eaten I will be back
Their gumbo is superb and authetic cajun! Great to have them here in Texarkana, AR.
Loved the Chicken Wraps and fresh ground sausage, will be back very soon!!!!!! Very nice employees as well
I have been eating this chef's food since 1991
Top notch food cant be beat
SO happy they are here..absolutely love everything we have tried so far! Highly recommended to anyone.
Will not buy steaks any where else. By far the best I've ever cooked. Let's not talk of the stuffed potatoes,out of this world.
All I can say is delicious- Stuffed rice and shrimp in chicken! Moist and the seasoning was perfect! We will buy again soon!
Authentic cajun meats right here in Arkansas! I'm originally from Lousiana and let me tell you this place is the real thing! Owner Bobby Duhon is 100% cajun if you can't already tell by his last name! Boudin and pepper jack boudin balls are the bomb! Can't wait to cook the stuffed pork chops I bought. Prices are very reasonable for the high quality. Friendly employees and just has the cajun look inside the store!
Had the crawfish stuffed deboned chicken & boudin balls last night -- it was awesome! Will be trying the bone in ribeyes & boudin this weekend.
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