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Latest reviews for Lagniappe Specialty Meats 5/5.0 stars (47 reviews)

Always good and always friendly. We are from south Louisiana and it is very nice to have local access to good Cajun food.
Stopped in yesterday, everything was so good!!!
Amazing Cajun Meats and Duck!
Stuffed turkey with crawfish etouffee was amazing!!
We had a Cajun fried turkey and it was Great!
Thank you!
The boudin balls are the best
Great ribeye bites great duck breast! None better
My wife took a turducken to Vermillion two week ago and stunned all the guest at a dinner party at our lake house. Excellent! Hay also post those how-to-cook instruction on you site if possible.
Unbelievably good, I've had the boudin stuffed pork chops, the stuffed boneless chicken, and the bacon wrapped ribeye. I cannot wait to try everything they have.
With the availability of their specialty meats so easily accessible now, we have started new holiday traditions. Out with the old and in with the new has never tasted so delicious.
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