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Latest reviews for Lagniappe Specialty Meats 5/5.0 stars (45 reviews)

stuffed shrimp and ribeye was excellent. Very tender and flavorful.
Outstanding Steaks!!!!!
Everything I tried was awesome! Raised in Cajun country I'm use to great foods. I had seafood balls, pepper jack boudin balls Both were great. Before I left my favorite uncles house I bought meat pies seafood pies and corn and shrimp soup. Only regret should have bought more
We have had several things from here already and they have all been delicious. Great to have this place in town!
Absolutely fantastic food for all ages. My wife baby sits 3 young children all below the age of 5, as well as our own 7yo girl, they are all in love with the meats i buy from there. My wife and I each had a rib eye, and they are to die for. Have been multiple times now and everything I've tried has been superb.
Absolutely incredible food, and SO easy to prepare! Haven't gotten to try everything, but the deboned chickens stuffed with broccoli and cheese are my favorite so far!
Some of the BEST boudin balls around!!
It is phenomenal!!!!!!if u don't go there u b sorry! Meat pies to die for!!!!! everything great! CLEAN!!!!!
Delicious!!! I will be back.
We had the deboned chicken stuffed with cornbread jalapenos and crawfish, beef kabobs, and the loaded baked potatoes. Every thing was great. Im on here looking to see what Im gonna get to cook next. The employees were all so freindly as well. Hope this place will stay here for years to come. Keep up the great food!!!
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